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地獄・Hell was made for the "A Game By Its Cover 2017" jam in September 2017, based on a Famicart cover designed by TAGUCHI RYO.

タイミングを見計らってタマゴを割ろう! タイミングを逸するとヒヨコになってしまうので、その時はタイミングを見計らって餌を与えよう! 成鶏になりタマゴを産んだら、再度、タイミングを見計らってタマゴを割ろう! タマゴを割り、うまく目玉焼きが出来たらタイミングを見計らって美味しく食べて下さい!うまく目玉焼きを作れなかった場合、地獄に落ちます。

—TAGUCHI RYO, http://famicase.com/16/softs/63.html

Time it right and crack the egg! If you miss, it'll turn into a chick, so time it right and give it food! When it grows up and lays an egg, time it right and crack the egg! Crack the egg, and if you fry it up, time it right and eat up! If you couldn't fry it up, you will be sent to hell.

—translation provided by Denji

地獄・Hell is a game about cooking, rebirth, and punishment. It was made using PicoLove, a reimplementation of the PICO-8 fantasy console in the Love2D engine.


  • Arrow keys
  • Other keys as contextually prompted
  • Escape key to pause


  • Babylon Brooks - design, programming, art, sound
  • TAGUCHI RYO - cartridge art and original description
  • my pal Denji - telling me what the original description said
  • Iron Prince - firearms advisor
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
Authorbabylon brooks
GenreRole Playing
Made withLÖVE
Tags8-Bit, agbic2017, buddhism, cooking, Cozy, LÖVE, PICO-8, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Windows Executable - 64-bit 2 MB
Windows Executable - 32-bit 2 MB
Mac OS X App - 64-bit 4 MB


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Oh my god it's so damn funny, got so much laugh playing this XD

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I enjoyed this game so much! But god it was so weird. It took so many turns, and was so much more dynamic than I gave it when I first started this. I thoroughly recommend this. Only critique I have is, that it's not obvious after the chickens what you are supposed to do next. I finally figured it out, but a little direction for the more casual player might help. 

Overall, fantastic game there. It's the 3rd game in the video above, and I recommend anyone watch if you want a taste of it, but I recommend actually playing it.

This game was was somewhat funny and really entertaining! I thought this would be similar to the game Can Your Pet but it was really interesting traversing around hell and the method of escaping really hilarious!! Loved it!!

Hello! Loved the game. Used it for my short video, thank you so much!

I absolutely loved it. Every phase was a surprise, it was a genuinely fun little game to play.

Love IT S2 

My Video I say Have Fun I really Enjoyed This Game Thanks Dev

Brilliant game!  The sound and music were especially amazing, and I love the ending.


I'm super happy that Joseph found this fantastic game in the A Game By Its Cover 2017 jam and wrote his article about it, because it's the most interesting one of it all in my eyes. I don't think that it feels odd just for the sake of oddity, but that it really has a kind of 'religious atmosphere'. The whole gameplay changes don't feel rash, but instead well planned, like it would represent something special. I don't say that I'd be able to interpret it correctly or that I did saw through it, but I see something in it that other games don't have. That's why I included it in our GOTY 2017 list.  Congratulations for that! It's a wonderfully looking game with an own aura. <3 I hope others might see it with my eyes, that's why we also made a little gameplay video of it. Looking forward to your future projects!

Best wishes,


This changed and reset my life. My brain has become Egg... I'm going to call my grandma and buy at least 15 chickens because of this game. My grandma is dead.

That was absolutely amazing. Playing through it, it seems nonsensical, but at the end you see how it all fit together. (Sort of, I mean it's still nuts) I actually got the good ending. I think.

The graphics and animations are great; I also loved how there were enough hints to push you along through the game. I was also very amused by how each of the sins were implemented in the game. Great job!

This reminds me of Frog Fractions, we laughted so much while playing this and it also has so many layered messages. Congratulations on this awesome entry! :) 

I dont know if anything lies beyond the layed egg but I love it very much.

there's quite a bit more, if you can make it back to where you came from...

you were right awesome really really awesome! Its just ... so well made

Nice game you made people, I saw a bunch of deep thoughts and meaningful messages in the game, but I kinda lost them in the end :D It was a very funny and bizzarre experience, totally worth it though!

I made a video playing your game: 

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

amazing thumbnail

Rated 100/5 Chicken