Wooly Willy

My entry into the #TweetTweetJam is a demake of that old classic kids toy filled with iron filings, Wooly Willy. It was created using PICO-8 and the full code comes out to 556 characters. Use the mouse to style Willy's hair. Press Z to clear the board.

The code:

b,z,k,c,r={},stat,clip,circfill,rnd poke(24365,1)::∧::for n=1,1300 do b[n]={x=r(128),y=119+r(9)}end::…::x,y=z(32),z(33)cls(9)c(64,42,32,15)c(64,68,35,15)k(0,0,128,56)c(48,56,9,7)c(80,56,9,7)c(48,56,6,12)c(48,56,4,0)c(46,53,1,7)c(80,56,6,12)c(80,56,4,0)c(78,53,1,7)k(0,78,128,56)c(64,44,41,8)c(64,44,39,7)k()c(64,64,9,8)c(61,61,2,7)for n in all(b) do if z(34)~=0 then h=n.x-x v=n.y-y
if(sqrt(h^2+v^2)<20 and r()<.1)a=atan2(h,v)n.x-=mid(64/abs(h)*cos(a),-4,4)n.y-=mid(64/abs(v)*sin(a),-4,4)end
pset(n.x,n.y,0)end spr(0,x-4,y-4)
if(btnp(4))goto ∧
flip()goto …


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I made Willy into Adolf Hitler.... Not sorry (Also what did you make this game in?)